Monday, May 14, 2007

Virtual Tour Guide Comes To Yellowstone

.. Last month we promised to fill you in on the details of this new money-making venture in Yellowstone.
.. Well. here it is. It's finally happened. A Pocatello, Idaho enterprise has filled a much needed void in Yellowstone's entrepreneurial landscape.
.. Tours & tour guides are about to become obsolete in Yellowstone National Park. Maybe even the rangers can now be replaced.
.. A little kiosk, built on a pallet, on rented ground is set to revolutionize your "Yellowstone Experience."
.. As the advertising says:
"It's like having a park ranger in your car."
"You choose your attraction, we guide your way!"
"The entire family can listen to the tour for under $50."
"Rent our GPS & go at your own pace."

.. This sounds too good to be true. Your own pet ranger with an automated view screen who anticipates your every question. And the nicest part is that you don't have to ante-up a tip or meet any schedule but your own. Just pay your money, pick up the unit, tour the park, drop it off at any other entrance . . . what more could you want?
.. Just touch the screen and a turn by turn narrative plays for you. You even get background music. Even pull-outs come with a narrative. And wonder of wonders there are even "Lost stories about the parks [sic] history." You can even learn " . . . facts that have been long lost until now." Such a deal!
.. For a preview click HERE for the MOUNT HAYNES sample narrative.
.. There are even employment opportunities, (on a commission basis - no less!): LINK.
.. This may just be what lagging park attendance needs - Yellowstone as a video game.
.. The kiosk is located at 116 Grizzly Avenue, in West Yellowstone, Montana.
.. For more information you can call 406-646-7047, or go to
.. Well, after all, it's " . . . just another roadside attraction," - with apologies to Tom Robbins.