Thursday, June 25, 2009

More User Friendly

.. A convenient point of entry for new postings has been added to the Yellowstone National Park Website. Simply: What's New on the Yellowstone Website?
.. Now, once you become familiar with the myriad resources on the site, you can keep current with just two links:
-----> NEWS
-----> WHAT'S NEW
.. The newest of the new includes thirteen videos added this month and last month. You can find the list at: Inside Yellowstone Videos List.
.. An iTunes podcast subscription box is also included on each video page. Click HERE to see the Apollinaris Video.
.. The Yellowstone Digital Slide File continues to grow and now has over 13,000 images that are in the public domain.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Illegal In Yellowstone

.. From The Big Sky Weekly:

These actions are illegal in the park:
Possessing a firearm or weapon, including state-permitted;
Concealed weapons, except: Unloaded firearms may be transported in a vehicle when rendered inoperable or are packed, cased, or stored in a manner that prevents ready use;

Speeding (radar enforced)—except for a portion of U;S; 191, all roads within the park are posted at 45 mph or slower;

Driving while intoxicated (open container law enforced);

Leaving detachable side mirrors attached when not pulling trailers;

Traveling off-road by vehicle or bicycle; (bicycling rules and riding locations are listed in a free brochure at visitor center.);

Improperly storing food;

Fishing, boating, or using a float tube without a permit Violating camping regulations & rules
Camping outside of designated camping areas
Camping in the backcountry without a permit;

Driving or riding in a vehicle without your seatbelt fastened. Each vehicle occupant must have a safety belt or child restraint system fastened when the vehicle is in motion;

Having pets off leash or on trails and boardwalks; Pets are prohibited on all trails, in the backcountry, and in hydrothermal basins; Where allowed, pets must be leashed and must remain within 100 feet (30 m) of a road or parking area; Do not leave a pet unattended or tied to an object; Boarding facilities are available outside the park;


Swimming in hydrothermal pools
Diving or jumping off cliffs in the Firehole swim area on Firehole Canyon Drive;

Traveling off boardwalks or designated trails in hydrothermal areas;

Removing or possessing natural (antlers, rocks, vegetation, etc;) or cultural (arrowheads, etc;) features;

Spotlighting (viewing with artificial light) elk, deer, or other animals;

Calling in elk by imitating their calls or using buglers;

Imitating wolf howls and using electronic equipment capable of tracking wildlife; and willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal;