Sunday, May 24, 2009

In The Act

.. Wade Johnson, on a geology field trip led by Bob Smith of the University of Utah, captured an image of a rare event.
.. The May 17, 2009 hydrothermal explosion in Biscuit Basin was surprising but not dangerous - rare as it is. You can read all about it in yesterday's Jackson Hole Daily.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Beavers

YNP Web Site Goodies
nice work guys
.. In the every expanding website for Yellowstone National Park is a section on "Publications Related To Yellowstone." From information on campgrounds to the Associated Tribes this resource gives a list of publications available for online consultation.
.. Most of the publications are in PDF format. One excellent, (and very large,) map of the park can be found HERE, this is the same map you receive when you enter the park.
.. Other resources include: Bison Natural History, Where are the Bloomin' Wildflowers?, Yellowstone and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Exploring the History of Yellowstone National Park with John Colter.
.. Of course there are many other resources listed about the geology and biology and other topics relating to Yellowstone National Park. Many of these resources have existed previously on the site - it's nice to see them in a single place.
.. This page provides an excellent starting point for visitors and allows information to be appreciated prior to visiting the park.
.. Thanks go to the staff for keeping the site dynamic, and pertinent.
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