Saturday, April 25, 2009

Foul Geysers


A World Perspective
.. Vol. 17, #1 of Yellowstone Science has been published to the web. It's lead article is about the geysers of Yellowstone in a global perspective. The title is "HUMAN IMPACTS ON GEYSER BASINS."
.. The history of impacts and degradation to the geysers and thermal features in Yellowstone is documented.
.. The most significant cause of destruction and degradation can be laid, (directly or indirectly,) at the feet of "TOURISM."
.. And, it continues today with roads, trails, boardwalks, and other elements of the built environment encroaching on thermal basins in the name of access.
.. From the earliest days to the present the perception has been that appreciation of the features is best done "up close and personal."
.. This attitude demands destruction and degradation for the perceived need for appreciation.
.. Geothermal exploitation is also considered as a threat to the thermal features of Yellowstone. Two areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park are mentioned, as is the monitoring of resources in the park.
.. Any persons with more than a passing interest in the history of thermal feature degradation in Yellowstone National Park should read this article.
--> PART ONE (PDF) [pages 1 - 18, includes geyser article]
--> PART TWO (PDF) [pages 19 - 37, includes other articles]


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Google Earth Reveals Road

Looks Like Two 'Overlooks'
.. The most significant road construction and closure this summer will take place between Madison Junction and Norris Geyser Basin. There will be a new road alignment and bridge construction just above Gibbon Falls.
.. Recently added imagery at Google Earth shows the new alignment and the approximate position of the new bridge. The road in it's new alignment will follow the crest of the canyon rather than the bottom of the canyon.
.. Assurances have been given that the viewscape will not be disturbed. We hope that the permits for bungee jumping are not too expensive.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ranger Smith's New Tires

New Skins For Jellystone Fleet
.. On the first day of April, (irony?) the Michelin Man announced his take over of the commercial battleground known as Yellowstone National Park.
.. The tire giant proposes ". . . to provide Michelin energy-saving tires to the Yellowstone National Park vehicle fleet. Adding Michelin tires will improve the fleet's fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions by an estimated 8 to 10 percent."
.. They will also ". . . engage in programs for Yellowstone employees that demonstrate how to improve fuel efficiency and maximize tire life through proper tire inflation."
.. It is important to remember that tires need to be properly inflated, as pointed out by the raft of lawsuits in the early part of this decade.
.. The Michelin Tire Company, (Michelin, B.F. Goodrich, Uniroyal and Kleber brands,) knows full well the implications of poorly inflated and defective tires, as illustrated by a raft of lawsuits: ( SOURCES, #1, #2, #3, #4.) Their experience and history should inform their program curricula for Yellowstone employees.
.. The benefits to Michelin and Yellowstone should soon become apparent. The park gets tires and service on the tires for it's fleet, (depending on how many vehicles this could be a substantial cost saving for the park.)
.. The tire giant gets advertising opportunities and the association with Yellowstone, (for better or worse.)
.. This is just the latest in a long list of commercial exploitations of Yellowstone. Little nibbles and bits continue to gnaw around the edges. Each is touted as "GOOD" - we'll wait and see. Toyota, Canon, Michelin, etc. - soon . . . . well, we will wait.