Saturday, April 29, 2006


(press release included)
-- The ultimate outcome of reduced money from the federal budget is making itself felt at Yellowstone National Park. First they cut staff, then they cut services, now they are raising fees. Yellowstone is not the only park being attacked. The National Park System is losing support in Washington, (

-- This is not the kind of thing that can sneak up on us. The anti-park coalition is doing it in the open! On October 27 six senators sent a letter to Secretary of Interior Gale Norton, The letter questions the need to change the current guidelines. The Republican senators are Lamar Alexander (TN), Lincoln Chafee (RI), Susan Collins (ME), Mel Martinez (FL), Olympia Snowe (ME) and John Warner (VA). These lawmakers have been ignored! (Acomplete analysis of this latest proposal is avaiable in PDF format at: .
-- The National Park Service is being castrated, and the wealthy elitists have joind the parade. By pricing the middle class out of the parks, and building palatial facilities, and expanding services that cater to monster busses, Yellowstone will soon be the elite destination that the old Bull Moose hoped it would be.

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    Yellowstone National Park News Release
    CONTACT: Nash or Vallie
    (307) 344-2010 or 344-2012
    April 28 , 2006

    Yellowstone National Park Entrance Fees Increase May 1st
    Some entrance fees at Yellowstone National Park will go up on Monday, May 1.
    The entrance fee change was first announced last September. It's the first time entrance fees at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks have increased since December 1996.
    A 7-day pass to enter Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in a private, non-commercial automobile goes from $20 to $25. Individual week-long permits for motorcycles increase from $15 to $20. Hikers, bicyclists and skiers will pay $12 instead of $10 for a 7-day permit.
    An annual pass to enter both parks remains at $40. The National Parks Pass, good for entrance into any National Park Service site for a year, is still just $50.
    Yellowstone expects to generate $1 million each year in additional revenue due to the fee increase. Most of the money will stay in the park and be used for projects that enhance visitor health and safety, access, and enjoyment.


    Federal Policies Shock Photographers,
    many will soon be out of business.

    -- A new fee schedule has been enacted for filming in our national parks. Yellowstone Park will now be charging at least $150 per day for commercial filming. For some photographers, who's life work is filming, this could be nearly $50,000 per year.
    -- With a "one size fits all" philosophy, the National Park Service is busy increasing fees of all types. Budget cuts, andanticipated budget cuts, are making a real dent in the appeal of Yellowstone Park, and other parks in the system.

    Filming Fees:

    General Fee Increases:

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    New Geyser In Yellowstone Park

    Baby Geyser Less Than A Week Old

    <- Stock Photo

    -- Just 160 feet south of the foot bridge across the Firehole River in Biscuit Basin is at least one new geyser. It is adjacent to another fresh vent and spewing water and steam continuously. The fresh geyser cone is only 12 feet from the river and is throwing obsidian sand up from the depths. The vent is a good 4 feet in diameter and is obviously growing. Several other new vents and cones are in the immediate area. The discharge is flowing into the Firehole River.
    -- Yellowstone National Park has more than 80% of the world's known geysers. This new geyser is yet to be named, and will be observed to see if it continues it's eruption.
    -- Link below:

    Thursday, April 20, 2006


    30 Rental Bicycles.
    Xanterra Rejoices!

    --No more traffic obstacles,

    --No more walking to Morning Glory,

    --No more strolling to Castle Geyser.

    ++ With revenues down and costs up, Yellowstone National Park has announced that additional funds will be generated by a new bicycle rental program. The program will be run by Xanterra, the revenue generating concessionaire for Yellowstone. The bike program will have 30 bicycles for rent to the nearly 10,000 visitors per day that visit Old Faithful. Expert instruction will be provided to novice riders and locks will be provided so the bicycles will be where you left it when you return. Don't lose the key or you need your cell phone to get retrieved. If you have a flat - you need your cell phone. If you're lost or injured - you need your cell phone.
    ++ The National Park Service is implementing this program to supplement funds for the operation of the park. Additional funds will be generated by raising gasoline prices, charging more money for entering the park, and increasing campground fees.
    ++ The two people running the program from Old Faithful Snow Lodge will rent the bicycles on a 'first come - first served' basis. Extensive instruction will come with the rental bikes. Where to go and where not to go is a first concern. Where to park and where not to park is another concern. Speed and safety are also concerns as well as a rental deposit, and destination register. This new program will be enjoyed by the visitors before and after each eruption of Old Faithful all season, but especially on those lovely Summer days of June, July, and August. 30 bicycles should do the job.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Yellowstone Earth Day

    What About Geysers & Global Warming?
    April 22, 2006 = Earth Day

    Bigger Parking Lots,

    More Motor Homes,

    More Construction,

    More People,

    Bush Buget Cuts,

    Enjoy Yellowstone!

    What Yellowstone did last year:

    What Yellowstone will do this year:

    Wolf & Buffalo Folks:,

    What's your ecological Footprint?

    "President Bush is meeting his commitment to reduce the National Park Service maintenance backlog. " (see: Portal for U.S. Government Events & Information

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Yellowstone Attacked By Bush

    Budget Cuts Aimed At Yellowstone:
    Perfect Timing.

    It's all about timing. This is perfect. With the National Park Service busy scrambling to keep the roof on many buildings, and Yellowstone seeking $$$ to match the funds provided by the Yellowstone Foundation, George W. Bush has decided that the whole shebang can operate at 80% of last year's budget. PERFECT!

    Timing: with a $5 billion, (BILLION). maintenance backlog George W. Bush is cutting the NPS budget by about 20%. Down from $2.1 billion by $100.5 million. That will buy a lot of AR-15's.

    Timing: with real people having less real money than last year, and the cost of gasoline going up - Up - UP, and summer coming on, what will the parks cut? The invisible staff have already been 86ed from their pasts. Now who? Yogi? Patrol Rangers? Interpreters? Trash collectors? Gate keepers? Museum staff? Campground staff? Probably all, and then some.

    Timing: with two new buildings, and not enough money to run either of them, Yellowstone will have to cut deeper than most parks. Perhaps law enforcement in the 2.1 million acre park will lose some positions. The poachers will love it. The meat fishers will love it. The stinky bus and motor home drivers will love it.

    Timing: As Yellowstone becomes reserved more and more for the rich with the removal of winter access and the plush "Yellow Bus" coming on line this will provide an opportunity to raise entrance fees. OOPS, already planned. My My.

    Look at this site for more:


    Now They've Done It!
    Old Faithful To Be Dwarfed

    <- NPS PHOTO

    Remember this view. Soon there will be shadows from towering spires to compete with the viewscape at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park..

    The architects at CTA have finally gotten their way. Expansive glass, a soaring tower, some cute angles and nooks, and a building full of philosophy is the final design of the visitor center. The 10 year design process has produced one more step in the evolution of "PARKITRCTURE."

    The glowing remarks of the designers leave little doubt that this building will be be the main attraction at Old Faithful. This building with it's exposed steel beams and acres of glass is designed as a monument to the early 21st century vision that only "Tame Parks" have value. Viewing Old Faithful will now be so easy that only a short stroll to the observation deck will be required. The footprint of this thing is larger than the geyser cones of Castle, Grotto, Beehive, and Old Faithful - combined.

    The park planners and the Yellowstone Park Foundation have given us an eyesore that impacts the parkscape far more than diesel motor homes, loud motorcycles, or snowmobiles ever could.

    This monument to vanity will persist long after the noxious fumes of motor vehicles have been cleaned up. With movie theaters, trinket shops, book stores, and other accoutrements of crass capitalism at it's core. This center is sure to become a bigger attraction than the geyser basin that it will dwarf. Of course that is just what the donors want - immortality - for at least 30 years. By then, perhaps the NPS will begin to understand that a geological wonder is more important than an architectural monument.

    Is Disney really behind the "NEW PARK?"
    Check It Out:

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Yellowstone Bison Seek Food

    Slim Pickings This Spring
    --- The Grass Is Always Greener ---

    The out-migration of bison from Yellowstone National Park is an annual event that is currently underway. Prior to the ranting of ranchers, activists, environmentalists, politicians, and tourists, it was simple:
    To Witt:
    The critters took a walk down the Madison River Valley toward Horse Butte, (NW of West Yellowstone, MT.,) until they found some fresh food, (sparse as it is,) and then took a walk back up the valley to the lush meadows of the Madison River in Yellowstone Park.

    Of course the roads in the surrounding forest and the highways represent a lack of trees = more sun = quicker melt = first sprouts of spring! The bison have figured this out. So in the borrow pits of the highways there is a gathering of grazing ungulants. And, a gathering of slow cars with tourists taking pictures. And, a gathering of folks "protecting" the bison. And, a gathering of law enforcement protecting the "protectors" from the cars that they run in front of. And, a gathering of State Highway Personal putting up signs to inform the tourists, "protectors," residents, and law enforcement, of the migration of animals.

    These gatherings have become a rite of Spring along Highway 191, and 287. The humor of it is not lost on "locals" who take pictures - not of the bison - but of the dangerous carnival that surrounds them. If you need a picture of a hungry bison, use the one above - it's in the public domain. If you need a picture of a rag-tag circus, visit West Yellowstone in the next three weeks.

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Yellowstone Park Grizzly Avenged

    What Do They Know In Kentucky?
    Briefly: they shot the mom because they thought it was a black bear and then killed the cub in self defense.

    One of them got 3 months in jail, $1,000 fine, and $19,300 in restitution.

    The other got $5oo fine, and $500 restitution for destroying the collar on bear #346.

    Yellowstone's Grand Geyser Erupts

    Yellowstone Shows Off For Early Visitors!

    <-NPS Photo

    It's hard to get into Yellowstone National Park in the early Spring. The roads are plowed, "administrative travel" is allowed, and if you are young you are allowed to peddle your bicycle along the roads. It is wonderful to wander the geyser basins, bundled up and enjoying the dusting of overnight snow. Even if nothing erupts, the steam in the morning turns the place into an ethereal adventure. Yesterday, (Friday,) GRAND GEYSER in Yellowstone National Park erupted and it was a sight to see.

    Be very careful if you ride your bicycle to Black Sand Basin, or down the road toward Daisy Geyser. There is a Grizzly bear wandering in the neighborhood and it's protecting a couple of elk carcasses. It was just a few years back when bikers from Mammoth were attacked by a bear. Take your camera and your pepper spray - the bear patrol is still hibernating.

    Sky Scraper At Old Faithful





    A $15,000,000.00 ceremonial check was presented to Yellowstone Park Superintendent on April 13, 2006. It will be combined with at least $11,000,000.00 in NPS funds to build a two story, 33,000 square foot "Visitor Education Center" at Old Faithful.

    The National Park Service has not said where they are going to get their $11,000,000.00, but it will probably mean shuffling funds in one way or another.

    Check it out here:

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006


    There is nothing like pulling up this site and waiting for an eruption. It's updated in real time every 30 seconds and predictions are posted when the visitors center is staffed, (that means when the park is open & during 'normal' business hours.)

    Just take a screen shot and make some wallpaper out of it.

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Wolves Are Worth Millions $$$$$

    The great wolf conversation continues in Yellowstone National Park.
    Check out this site for an interesting point of view:

    Wolves Cause Pain & Pleasure - How Human

    Try the site below for an excursion into the wolf experience of Yellowsotne National Park. It's time that serious people used conversation to understand that "feeding" is different than "feeding wolves." Try this site and explore your thought on what is newsworthy about wolves in the Yellowstone area.

    Do children have insight and know about it? What is it that makes adults so thoughtless and children so thoughtful?


    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Yellowstone National Park To Capture Feces


    Now that the plans for the new turd-whirler's at Madison have been approved, this facility will become as modern as the recently repaired facility at Old Faithful. This is going to destroy fishing.

    When the plant at Old Faithful over flowed it provided significant enrichment to the Firehole River and the fish (all imported and non-natives), flourished. The same has been happening at the nearly 50-year-old plant at Madison. Now the "blooms" of organically enriched bacteria will no longer contribute to the fantastic fishing at nine-mile-hole. What's a poor fisherman to do? Is this really progress? Check the link below to find out.

    Yellowstone Park Elk Count

    (<-NPS PHOTO)

    About 3,649 elk are in the northern herd.
    Sick & dying wolves, plus the lack of hunter control has increased this herd to near record proportions. They are going to become a hazard on the roads. They are going to continue to eat the imported grass at Mammoth. They are going to provide photo opportunities for visitors from the asphalt jungles of the world. And, we're going to continue to ignore the fact that they exceed the carrying capacity of the landscape and watch them eat the northern range into a sagebrush desert. We need some creative solutions fast.