Thursday, April 20, 2006


30 Rental Bicycles.
Xanterra Rejoices!

--No more traffic obstacles,

--No more walking to Morning Glory,

--No more strolling to Castle Geyser.

++ With revenues down and costs up, Yellowstone National Park has announced that additional funds will be generated by a new bicycle rental program. The program will be run by Xanterra, the revenue generating concessionaire for Yellowstone. The bike program will have 30 bicycles for rent to the nearly 10,000 visitors per day that visit Old Faithful. Expert instruction will be provided to novice riders and locks will be provided so the bicycles will be where you left it when you return. Don't lose the key or you need your cell phone to get retrieved. If you have a flat - you need your cell phone. If you're lost or injured - you need your cell phone.
++ The National Park Service is implementing this program to supplement funds for the operation of the park. Additional funds will be generated by raising gasoline prices, charging more money for entering the park, and increasing campground fees.
++ The two people running the program from Old Faithful Snow Lodge will rent the bicycles on a 'first come - first served' basis. Extensive instruction will come with the rental bikes. Where to go and where not to go is a first concern. Where to park and where not to park is another concern. Speed and safety are also concerns as well as a rental deposit, and destination register. This new program will be enjoyed by the visitors before and after each eruption of Old Faithful all season, but especially on those lovely Summer days of June, July, and August. 30 bicycles should do the job.