Monday, April 17, 2006

Yellowstone Attacked By Bush

Budget Cuts Aimed At Yellowstone:
Perfect Timing.

It's all about timing. This is perfect. With the National Park Service busy scrambling to keep the roof on many buildings, and Yellowstone seeking $$$ to match the funds provided by the Yellowstone Foundation, George W. Bush has decided that the whole shebang can operate at 80% of last year's budget. PERFECT!

Timing: with a $5 billion, (BILLION). maintenance backlog George W. Bush is cutting the NPS budget by about 20%. Down from $2.1 billion by $100.5 million. That will buy a lot of AR-15's.

Timing: with real people having less real money than last year, and the cost of gasoline going up - Up - UP, and summer coming on, what will the parks cut? The invisible staff have already been 86ed from their pasts. Now who? Yogi? Patrol Rangers? Interpreters? Trash collectors? Gate keepers? Museum staff? Campground staff? Probably all, and then some.

Timing: with two new buildings, and not enough money to run either of them, Yellowstone will have to cut deeper than most parks. Perhaps law enforcement in the 2.1 million acre park will lose some positions. The poachers will love it. The meat fishers will love it. The stinky bus and motor home drivers will love it.

Timing: As Yellowstone becomes reserved more and more for the rich with the removal of winter access and the plush "Yellow Bus" coming on line this will provide an opportunity to raise entrance fees. OOPS, already planned. My My.

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