Saturday, July 28, 2007

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Computer Glitch Overcome
Yellowstone News Releases

.. We've temporarily overcome the dead computer. Posts will resume at the normal irregular pace.
.. There have been numerous news releases about the fires in Yellowstone during our absence. You can find the latest YNP Press Releases HERE.
.. The east Entrance road has re-opened after a mud slide Wednesday.
.. Science Daily reports the discovery of a Light-Harvesting Bacterium from Yellowstone. The chlorophyll-producing bacterium is so unique that a new bacterium phylum has been added to the list of these bits of life.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Visit Jack At Yellowstone

And A Rose Bowl Champ Too

.. A Yellowstone News Release informs us that Jack Gladstone will be performing in the upcoming weeks at various venues in Yellowstone National Park.
.. If you are in Yellowstone between July 16, and July 27, you owe it to yourself and especially your children to listen and participate with this remarkable singer-song writer-story teller. If you're in Glacier National Park you can catch this experience as well. (Glacier & Yellowstone Performance Schedule.)
.. Jack is a member of the Turtle Island Story Tellers Network. His life and his work and his heritage are incorporated into his songs and stories and there is an amazing bit of magic rolled in for good measure. If you're lucky enough to catch one or more of his appearances you should feel blessed. You will certainly be enriched.
.. Jack has an extraordinary gift for communicating with all ages and people. Children are captivated by the tales woven of song and story and images. It matters not who you are - you will be changed.
.. The richness of his presentation is only enhanced by his university background and his love of the greater north western United States. We intend to try and capture some of the magic at several performances.
.. Jack's Home Page
.. Jack's Biography
.. Jack's Personal Audio Clip
.. Jack's Reading List
.. Jack 'on demand' at Whitefish Radio
.. Jack on the Glacier Tour - 'Highway To Heaven"