Friday, September 04, 2009

Gear Jammin'

Stretch Their Legs
just good fun
-- The annual Gear Jammer's outing was a success on many fronts yesterday. The original vehicles got a chance to do what they were meant to do - tour. The drivers, (the best of the best,) got a chance to relive the pains and pleasures of driving these vintage limousines in their native setting. The vehicle aficionados got the experience of enjoying Yellowstone National Park in the comfort of bygone luxury.

-- There are two fleets of these vehicles in Yellowstone National Park. One fleet is used on a daily basis. This fleet is composed of vintage coachwork and modern Ford drivetrains. This is the fleet that visitors see traveling the roads of the park during the summer. The most recent conversions to modernity were completed a couple of years ago and have proven successful, (LINK.) Earlier conversions also used Ford drivetrains and sheet metal.

-- The second fleet of vehicles are the rare, early, original, & unrestored vehicles. These are true museum pieces that have been lovingly cared for by the park and it's concessionaires through the years. These vehicles need to be exercised periodically for their own good health.
-- In addition to the periodic "short jaunts" from the barn, (around Mammoth,) an annual "Run To West Yellowstone" is a traditional event for these majestic touring contrivances.
-- This exercise allows the staff to evaluate the vehicles under "real" conditions and diagnose any problems or maintenance issues that need tending to.
-- This year one of the limousines arrived on a trailer, (a fan nut went missing in action.) It was repaired in town and suffered the indignity of returning to Mammoth in perfect working order on the same trailer. Another success, and a proof of the utility of the exercise.
-- The gear jammers group, (these folks really love these vehicles,) arrived at Bullwinkle's Saloon & Eatery in West Yellowstone, Montana about 12:45.
.. Lunch consisted of: Cornish game hens or stuffed pork loin with fresh raspberry sauce, and Frenched sauteed beans with almond-bacon dressing. Soup, salad, rolls and mashed potatoes were also on the menu along with a juice cocktail and other beverages.

-- We enjoy the annual visits because it gives us a chance to examine these wonderful White Motors Convertible Limousine's. These vehicles serve to remind us of the way it used to be. Must have been grand.