Friday, October 22, 2010

Gibbon River Bridge - Finished !

The Bridge Is Beautiful
many perfect pull-outs
we're a bit sad
Just 60 Feet To A Beautiful Riffle And Run Stretch
On The Gibbon River: We Can Handle It!
.. Final approval from the Division Of Federal Highways is expected on Wednesday - or so. The Gibbon River Bridge Project is about finished. It looks like a picture book.
New Picnic Area.
.. Rock work along the roadway blends with the native stone and is artistically done. The bright yellow and white paint on the roadway sets off the road like nothing else can. It won't be beautiful for long, but it will be ohhh sooo much nicer to travel.
.. The volcanic potholes are gone. The off-camber diminishing radius curves are a thing of the past. The abrupt shoulders are just a bad memory.
.. The lack of parking or pull-outs along the road between Gibbon Falls and Tuff Cliff has been remedied by the addition of at least 15 new, (and very spacious,) wide spots.
.. It's been over a decade in planning and construction. It's hard to describe the change. Simply put; it's a modern road, well designed and competently constructed.
.. There is no more fear for the impending disaster of an approaching motor home. Room for the contemporary condominiums on wheels was adequately provided for: now then, about the dotards behind their steering wheels.
.. We were treated to a brief tour of some of the improvements, (thanks guys,) and have a pile of images to show you.
.. We suspect that the fishing pressure along the Gibbon River, (below the falls,) will increase mightily because of the wonderfully placed parking areas. The neighbors are already planning where and how!
Wide Access & Stop Signs.
.. The old picnic area at the base of the falls is now a scenic pull-out with small hills and a twisty one way road, (paved just yesterday.)
.. There is a new picnic area up-grade from Gibbon Falls at Iron Springs. We haven't had the legs to climb to this area in over 30 years - nice to visit old friends.
.. There is now a monstrous parking area for vehicles above the falls and a nicely paved walking and viewing area with powder-coated handrails and giant boulders for sitting and decoration.
.. The overlook is just as spectacular and far safer than the old disaster area. There are traffic separators and the congestion that was so common in this area should be greatly reduced.
.. We're going to miss the easy access to the narrow canyon riffles above the falls. However, the person in charge of restoration of this section understands the needs of crippled old farts and has assured us that the walk along our favorite riffles will not be too strenuous.
.. We did have time to visit with the river about sundown, (just a pleasant 60 feet from our trusty horse,) and danced with a small Brown Trout. We are going to save full exploration of the new access points for next season, (it'll get us through the winter with sneaky planning.)
.. Enjoy the images below. They are fairly sizable and a click will fill your screen.
Brand New & Pretty As A Picture.
Beautiful, Strong, Unobtrusive Rock Work - CCC? WPA?
We Get To Inspect A New Fishing Access
At The Revamped Picnic Area Below Gibbon Falls - Woot, Woot!
Beautiful, Unobtrusive & Dead Straight - SAFE!
Plenty Of Room For "Hippos Of The Highway."
Lots OF Room & Good Visibility.
Note Silt Dam Along The River's Edge.
Just An Easy Cast From The Road.
Does It Get Any Better?

Friday, October 01, 2010

New Webcam


.. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory is monitoring remote locations with a mobile, (Repeat "MOBILE") web cam.
.. The camera is subject to infrequent breakdowns and because of it's remote locations may be down for awhile when it poops out.
.. It's "UP" as we post this!