Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They're Here

SnoBear on left, Grizz on right.
Note the heavy track system and suspension on the skis of the Grizz.
Photo from SnoBear Facebook Page.

Friday, January 06, 2012

A Bit Of Information


.. FACT: There is a new SnoBear dealership in West Yellowstone.
.. FACT: There are two SnoBear vehicles in the neighborhood.
.. FACT: One vehicle is in Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, and areas nearby with enough snow to use it.
.. FACT: One vehicle is in West Yellowstone, Montana and occasionally on Hebgen Lake, Parade Rest Guest Ranch, and environs.
FACT: The vehicles are light, nimble, clean, quiet, modern, and initially designed for ice fishing.
FACT: Aircraft-design windows do not fog up when in use.
RUMOR: Yellowstone National Park is exploring the possibility of buying a fleet of these vehicles, (or a larger custom-built model,) to replace or augment their aging fleet of van-conversions and Bombardier vehicles.
RUMOR: A custom built, (to Park specifications,) vehicle should arrive in Mammoth within a month, or six weeks at the latest.
RUMOR: A ski shuttle business is in the offing for back country areas around West Yellowstone and perhaps in Yellowstone National Park.
RUMOR: These vehicles are cleaner and quieter than any winter use vehicle currently mandated by Yellowstone National Park for winter over-the-snow tourism.
RUMOR: These vehicles provide comfort and convenience that is light-years beyond that of any vehicle currently being used for winter tourism in Yellowstone National Park.
RUMOR: Yellowstone National Park officials believe that the winter visitor experience will be greatly enhanced by the use of these vehicles.
RUMOR: Winter-stressed animals do not even look up as these vehicles pass them.
SPECULATION: The introduction of these vehicles into the winter travel mix in Yellowstone National Park could be as revolutionary as the banning of Snow Planes, or the mandate for only commercial travel on all roads except the road to Cooke City.
SPECULATION: Yellowstone National Park is using the vehicles for VIP tours.
SPECULATION: These vehicles are being tested in an effort to comply with any current or future EIS winter-use requirements.