Friday, April 14, 2006

Yellowstone's Grand Geyser Erupts

Yellowstone Shows Off For Early Visitors!

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It's hard to get into Yellowstone National Park in the early Spring. The roads are plowed, "administrative travel" is allowed, and if you are young you are allowed to peddle your bicycle along the roads. It is wonderful to wander the geyser basins, bundled up and enjoying the dusting of overnight snow. Even if nothing erupts, the steam in the morning turns the place into an ethereal adventure. Yesterday, (Friday,) GRAND GEYSER in Yellowstone National Park erupted and it was a sight to see.

Be very careful if you ride your bicycle to Black Sand Basin, or down the road toward Daisy Geyser. There is a Grizzly bear wandering in the neighborhood and it's protecting a couple of elk carcasses. It was just a few years back when bikers from Mammoth were attacked by a bear. Take your camera and your pepper spray - the bear patrol is still hibernating.