Friday, June 02, 2006



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-- The grand old lady of Yellowstone still causes gasps of wonder and awe from most who view the eruption. The National Geographic has posted an excellent movie on it's web site bout the changing moods and periods of this feature.
-- Other Geysers have been putting on a show for visitors this year as well. Giant is surprisingly regular this Spring with a nearly predictable period of between 9 & 12 days. Beehive has been frequent, Grotto has had some spectacular marathon periods, and in Black Sand Basin - Cliff Geyser seems to be erupting with shorter intervals and is getting big enough to splash visitors on the viewing platform.
-- The geyser field at Fountain Paint Pots, and Fountain Ridge has heated up early this year and even Fountain's Thief is erupting frequently.
-- Great Fountain Geyser, on Firehole Lake Drive has had several very long eruptions, and the postings at the site are very accurate this year. In the same area, White dome has had several very long steam phases.
-- This is the time to see the famous geysers of Yellowstone. To view the National Geographic movie, "Old Faithful Changes Its Rhythm", CLICK HERE.

<--White Dome Geyser