Monday, June 12, 2006

Staffing Problems In Yellowstone

National Park Service Losing Staff
Xanterra Too

Why Is This Man Drooling?

-- If you bother to read the news about the National Park Service, you know that there is a giant budget cut in the offing, (read it here,) and the resulting staff crunch that is inevitable. Maybe Yellowstone should use volunteers!
-- What you don't read about is the critical staff crunch that is perpetual with Xanterra.
-- Xanterra is the company that runs many of the park's lucrative businesses. Yes they are "the park's" because fees are generated, paid, and ledgered. They are also supposed to be supervised by NPS personnel. There is an interesting trend developing with the Xanterra work force.
-- They are being overworked, underpaid, and exploited for the allmightydollar! Surprise? Hardly! Just search "BLOGGER" or "MYSPACE" to find the inside dope about this shameful way the park is using people.
-- There is the possibility that the National Park Service is allowing and encouraging the breaking of labor laws to generate funds. Maybe that's why the old guy in the picture is drooling.
-- Start Here: "XANTERRIBLE" and HERE