Friday, June 16, 2006


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-- If you visit Yellowstone this year you can expect a blur of long waits in traffic jams, poor interpretive programs, a lack of rangers, dilapidated facilities, roadside litter, closed buildings, poor food, intermittent utility service, and a general chaotic situation.
-- The lack of funds to maintain the park, (let alone improve the visitor experience,) is making itself felt. This is pointed out in a news ticker report on the condition of all parks.
-- The Coalition of Concerned NPS Retirees, (CNPSR,) has detailed the problems in a major survey report entitled: "Reality Check: What Visitors to America's National Parks Will Experience During Summer 2006."
-- The picture of the parks painted by the CNPSR is much clearer than the visitor experience will be!

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Visitors to national parks can expect these conditions to be accompanied by a diminished experience in the coming years. NPS policy is controlled by administrators that are carrying out instructions from the elected and appointed officials of the Bush administration.
-- Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has promised to continue these policies in his new post as Secretary of the Interior Department.
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-- This budget crunch comes at a time when Yellowstone is busy using private funds to build new, & recondition old, facilities that they do not have the money to operate or maintain, or even staff. The solution seems to be -- privatize, and cater to the more affluent visitor. Yellowstone even plans to plant a new forest to attract visitors.
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-- If you plan to visit Yellowstone and have questions about what facilities will be open, or what to expect in terms of visitor services, you can get answers at:
Yellowstone Park
National Park Service
Xanterra Parks & Resorts