Sunday, August 05, 2007

Three Blessed Days

Fire Camp Shrinking
burn area still "restricted access"

.. The last three days have provided afternoon relief from the blistering heat. During the showers there is as much as a 25 degree drop in temperature.
gy.. The fire camp north of town is getting smaller as crews are moved to more critical fires, and the helicopter crews are down to just one.
.. The fire danger is still high to very high but the extreme conditions have ameliorated during the last week and have been aided by the area-wide afternoon showers.
.. Almost all roads in the area of the Madison Arm Fire are open. Hiking trails and unimproved motor trails are still closed.
.. Camping at the untouched Madison Arm Resort, Baker's Hole Campground, and Rainbow Point is available for quick access to Hebgen Lake, the Madison River, and Yellowstone National Park.
.. Stage 2 fire restrictions are still in effect for the Gallatin National Forest, and fire restrictions are also implemented for Yellowstone.