Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Not Over Yet

Wildfires Gain Ground
many states on fire

.. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer declared a state of emergency yesterday and ordered additional homes evacuated in the area of the Jocko Fire west of Seely Lake near Missoula.
.. Wildfires from Philadelphia to Oregon have the fire crews of our nation working hard to contain and extinguish the fires.
.. Evacuation shelters for the Jocko fire have been established at the Bonner Elementary School and the Condon Work Center.
The GACC detailed Situation Report shows the myriad fires and their status for the Northern Rockies. The national report can be found HERE.
.. The Owl Fire on Yellowstone's northern boundary is nearly contained and management will be turned over to the park today. Check the daily updates at YNP News, and at the YNP Owl Fire Fact Sheet.