Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring Snow For Opening Day

A New Tour Guide In Town

.. The sky opened and dropped between 2" and 8" of wet snow last night; just in time to provide visitors to Yellowstone National Park with a fresh white blanket for opening day. Today promises to be bright and sunny with temps as high as the 40's on the western side of the park.
.. Spring weather being what it is, be prepared for anything. The weekend looks unsettled. Bring mittens and a camera, the herds of bison are scattered along the river bottoms, the elk are still in small groups, the bears are very active as are the wolves. A bobcat is still prowling along the Madison River, and American Robins have been seen in West Yellowstone, MT. No Blue Birds or Cranes yet.
.. Suppose you could tour Yellowstone with a group of 'experts,' and they would anticipate your questions. Suppose you had at your command biologists, geologists, glaciologists, meteorologists, historians, archaeologists, photographers, etc. Suppose you could stop where you wanted to and spend your time as you wanted to without a schedule to keep. And suppose the cost was about the same as a nice dinner in West Yellowstone. Would you take advantage of such an opportunity?
.. Soon you can. Think about the current GPS technology, a playback device, and a video game. Combine them. What do you get? Instant Yellowstone - coming soon to West Yellowstone, MT.
.. More about this in an upcoming post.