Friday, February 23, 2007



.. Now that Yellowstone National Park has its cell phone structure planned, and now that everyone that visits the park has ear buds surgically implanted, it's time to "WATCH BETH."
.. You can find Beth at the INSIDE YELLOWSTONE page on the web. She will tell you all about the park in a series of 90 second videos. You can get each video for Dial-Up, Broadband, or i-Tunes Podcast, (Just Subscribe.) You can even get a free player for your electronic gadgets.
.. This is the new Yellowstone; with all the drama and excitement of a live ranger. The current release has 30 videos, and the web site provides a map for reference. This wonderful series allows viewers to script their Yellowstone experience.

.. Just click on the map and you're ready to go.


.. There is also a companion series entitled YELLOWSTONE IN DEPTH. This too has the Dial-Up, Broadband, and i-Tunes options. This series currently has two videos - but more are promised. These 6 - 7 minute videos offer a bit more information, and are probably not suited to the windshield visitor; unless they are not the driver.
.. In this series you can hear Hank tell us that the volcano will be destructive in the future but that now it is creative.
..This is 'park-speak for:' "when it blows there will be a different Yellowstone." He assumes it will be worse. Why not better?


Click on over and sample these on your computer before you go with the podcast.