Friday, February 02, 2007

Interesting Notes From Ralph & Other News

.. Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News is an invaluable source about the happenings of wildlife. Although primarily dedicated to wolf news, the web of life demands a far more catholic approach - he provides it.
.. With a just year under its belt, ( it replaces his old site,) the blog has become a definitive site for reference and information about our wild neighbors and their interactions with the social environment that surrounds and confines them. It has become a "must click" for us. Dr. Maughan is also the president of the Wolf Recovery Foundation. Click on over to both sites for good insight and good information. Be careful, you can be sucked right in.
.. Captivating take on wolves by Ben Mackintyre: "What Big Teeth You Have! Ideal for the Highlands."
.. From the High Country News: "Don't Part Out Our National Parks."
.. What does Yosemite have that Yellowstone needs? Check This.
.. Great Falls Tribune notes about Wolf Delisting.
.. From Scientific American: "Climate Change Science Moves From Proof To Prevention," "Science by Committee: Wrangling Over Climate Change in Paris," "Global Warming: As Paris Blooms in Winter, Scientists Debate Climate Change."
.. From New West: "Montana Sues Wyoming Over Water," "Why It's Hard to Hail Wolf Delisting," "Geothermal Energy Controversy in Central Oregon."
.. From Grist: "Gore's New Flick (from last May,)" "Sarah Silverman on 'An Inconvenient Truth' - a must see!