Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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A Pertinant Point Of View
smokey mountain weddings

.. The ongoing fiasco of elk, genes, shoot-em-up, and poor law enforcement is making more news in the southwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park and the adjacent portions of Idaho; from whence cometh the herds.
.. KBCI in Boise tells us a bit about the story, so too does NWCN. Now we will have more debate about purity of genes and the pros and cons of genetic diversity. Well . . . . . . if you mess with Mother Nature . . . . And of course there is the the hunter fall out. New West is right on top of all of this.
.. As the winter approaches, and the sure revival of the winter access debate looms, there is an interesting article by Mark Dowie, in the High Country News. Maybe civilized discussion could be had if "the other person's shoes" were walked in for a spell.

.. Right on the heels of our post about the exploitation of park facilities by religious ceremony's and the abuse of public facilities by the wedding industry, comes an announcement from the Smokey Mountains. Fees will be raised and implemented due to the costs associated with the wedding industry. At least someone in the National Park Service is paying attention. LINK.
In the "Don't say your weren't warned," department.