Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Cycle Time

Two Feed Stations & Warming Hut
in 31 miles ?
.. The Fall Cycle Tour is happening this Saturday, October 11 2008. For more information call 406-599-4465, or visit the web site to register. There are only 25 spots left for this year's tour.
.. This should be the tour to provide stories of a lifetime.
We will have two feed stations along the route again this year. The first will be located at Madison Junction and the second will be located at Old Faithful. We still recommend that you carry enough food to keep you energized and we will provide a few portable snacks at registration. Those of you concerned about your ability to ride the entire 60 miles need not worry. The route is patrolled by 2 or 3 sag wagons (vans with trailers) that, once full, can give you a lift back to West Yellowstone. Two mechanics, Les from Yellowstone Bicycle and Melissa from Freeheel and Wheel, also patrol the route to help with repairs and flat tires.