Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Straight Skinny

.. The Yellowstone National Park website has a web cam page that is always current, and so far always correct. It's originality in titling is wonderful: Yellowstone National Park's WebCams. For those of you that like to view the park from afar - this is a blessing.
.. The recently added streaming camera at Old Faithful has had some glitches and some address changes, during it's set up and the usual tinkering that goes along with new installations of this sort. You can always be sure of your address or link if you go to the above mentioned page.
.. Come July and August the air quality cameras should prove interesting - given the price of gas and it's continuing escalation.
.. As an aside, the NPS photo above shows a genuine UFO captured by the Old Faithful Web Cam. Don't believe it? Go to the National UFO Center for more information.
.. And, the current streaming web cam is the outgrowth of discussions with the Ames Research Center in their development of the 2005 wayside interpretive center. But - it seems that Mars and Yellowstone have stopped being a topic of discussion.
.. Finally, the west entrance station will have it's old canopy moved to the new entrance station and the construction will hamper free access during the shoulder season. Read the NPS Press Release.