Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amazingly Rational

finally !

.. With the warmth of terminal winter comes a very fine article from George Wuerthner over at New West. No "Breast Beating," no "Post Pissing," no "Whining," and no "Bleeding Heart," in this: just a succinct, rational, factual analysis of a pressing problem.
.. Bison die variously at this time of year. One way they die is their removal from lands outside of Yellowstone National Park by the interagency task force. They are then slaughtered. They are rounded up and killed by agreement between: Montana, Yellowstone Park, and the USDA.
.. The agreement is ill-founded and needs review and augmentation. Wurthner provides a cogent analysis of the situation and the article deserves a complete reading.
.. Theatrical moaning, verbal whining, and poor reporting cannot bring about a change in the policy. Rational, factual, and informed discussion has a better chanch -- and Wurthner shows us the way.
Thanks George !