Saturday, November 10, 2007

RCN Posts Interactive Map - ZOWIEE

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.. The Yellowstone National Park Research Coordination Network [RCN] is a collaboration of research scientists and National Park staff to develop a coordinated research network focused on geothermal biology and geochemistry in YNP.
.. The Objectives of the RCN are:
1. Develop a coordinated network of research scientists focused on geothermal biology and geochemistry in YNP.
2. Facilitate greater coordination and collaboration on current and future scientific research, data collection, and resource inventory of geothermal features in YNP.
3. Initiate and develop mechanisms to increase information-sharing among participants, and to utilize data collections and educational resources more effectively to reach multiple audiences.
4. Facilitate research and educational activities among participants that capitalize on synergistic overlap and information sharing.
5. Utilize the productivity and progress of a RCN as a platform to solicit funding for multi-institutional and multi-agency initiatives directed towards future research and education on geothermal biology in YNP.
.. The Thermal Features Inventory just went online and it's an amazing resource. Access is through an interactive map which successively delineates regions, basins, groups, and features.
.. Each feature has it's own page and includes a location map, the name of the RCN participant that is studying the feature, {if available,} a photo, {if available,}YNP data search, USGS data search, RCN data search, and other data and information as available.
.. This is guaranteed to cut into to your browsing time - if you're at all interested in the geothermal features of Yellowstone.