Friday, January 12, 2007

Bits & Pieces


.. GREAT PHOTO of a wolf doing its thing at the Outdoor Life Photo Gallery.
.. THE FEDS & WYOMING may be close to reaching an agreement on wolf management. The dispute revolves around what to call the animals, and where they can be called that. Check the AP article by Ben Neary for the latest complete details.
.. THE WORRY over the NPS view about book selling has spawned an interesting commentary in the form of a magnificent altered book by the Four Eyed Bat.
.. NEW WEST has published an unseemly first person advertisement under the guise of news. The guest writer is busy exploiting the new trend toward giant snow buses in Yellowstone. This is the first time they have stooped so low. Read the feature called "Critical Outfitter Now Embraces Yellowstone’s New Winter Tourism." My, my, my how the mighty have come to grovel.
.. AVALANCHE & TRAIL NEWS for snowshoe, ski, and snowmobiles in and around West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park is available at Yellowstone Snow and Trail Report. It is updated on Tuesdays and Fridays.
.. BUSY IS THE LOBBY, as The Blue Ribbon Coalition is rounding up pro-use citizens for its many endeavours. The Sno-Tracks page is getting lots of use lately. SnoWest Magazine is also getting in on the act with blurbs about the winter use planning process. Their last trip to Yellowstone was compliments of Yellowstone Arctic-Yahama. We're not a bit surprised: If New West can do it; so too the sledheads.
.. BIODIESEL is being strutted around by reference to the NPS use of it in Yellowstone National Park. The bedroom is getting crowded with Conoco-Phillips, TMCnet, Trucks World, The Yellowstone Park Foundation, Visa, Toyota, Unileaver, Coca Cola, Canon, and the NPS.
.. MURDER - SUICIDE is the verdict for the father & son deaths in Yellowstone National Park in September, 2005. Read the details in the Star Tribune coverage.
.. YELLOWSTONE IS RECRUITING for YCC. This is your chance to sign up for 8 weeks of residential work in Yellowstone National Park. Learn about it. Sign up for it.
.. ENOUGH SAID: Amadeus Selected by Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts to Provide Fully Integrated Revenue Management Solution: Solution will enable Delaware North properties to better forecast demand and optimize revenue generating opportunities across all revenue streams.
.. TOYOTA RECALLS 9.3 million vehicles. These are critically important safety issues. Check your VIN!
.. MARY BOWMAR SAYS: "The National Park Service will increasingly look to outside sources in an effort to help maintain parks . . . we're much more business savvy than we used to be . . . it would be inappropriate to discuss the issue of snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park . . . There is no decision made on the snowmobile issue."
She said even more -- Read It Here.
.. ELK ARE IN THE NEWS - AGAIN, as the Idaho State Legislature has been prompted to action by the genetic contamination of the Yellowstone elk herd by Red Deer genes in a game farm outbreak. The issues are shooting elk in fenced enclosures, and regulating the 6,000 elk kept for "HUNTING?"
.. A WORKER'S POINT OF VIEW: this is what Yellowstone is really all about.