Sunday, October 15, 2006


OCT. 15 - 21, Wolf Awareness Week

Get all annual wolf reports for Yellowstone in PDF format HERE.

International Wolf Center
Wolf Park
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker
Grizzly Discovery Center
Mission: Wolf
Wolf Education & Research Center
The International Wolf Center
Behavior, Evolution, Ecology of Wolves

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Association Institute Yellowstone's
partner in education since 1933

Yellowstone Park Foundation Dedicated to the
protection and preservation of Yellowstone National Park

Greater Yellowstone Coalition Doing
much to keep the Yellowstone ecosystem stitched together

Ecological Research Center
Pioneering research in the
Yellowstone ecosystem

of Nature
Images and stories from Yellowstone Park area
including wolves, elk, scenery, and other wildlife

Information & Organizations

Defenders of Wildlife Leaders in wolf recovery
and keepers of the livestock depredation compensation fund

Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report
up-to-date, detailed information on wolf recovery issues in the west, bison controversy,
and other conservation issues.

Yellowstone Wolf Project Report
the National Park Service's report on wolves in the park

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service government
reports on wolf recovery throughout the United States

Rockies Wolf Restoration Project
a coalition of regional and national
conservation organizations with one mission: ensuring the restoration of wolves to their
ecological role in the Southern Rocky Mountains

Das Wolf Magazin geht online ! Germany's voice for
wolves in print and online

The Wolf Recovery Foundation the first
organization in Idaho completely dedicated to the restoration of wolves in the Rockies.

Wolf Alliance
The Timber Wolf Alliance promotes and assists in
achieving a sustainable population of wolves through public education in
the western Great Lakes region with special emphasis in the Lake Superior

Clan of North America
CLAN is the first and only organization in
Quebec dedicated to protecting wolves. CLAN's objective is to expose
the many aberrations and injustices surrounding the trapping of wolves and
other animal species by trappers in Quebec’s wildlife reserves.

TwoSocks supports the non-profit efforts of
individuals, groups and associations which protect and preserve the habitat and future of
wild wolves

The Wolf Society of Great Britain
Helping wolves in Europe through progressive means to build economies based on sustaining
natural resources

and other Carnivores of Norway
The Norwegian Carnivore and
Raptor Society post information about the on-going plight of wolves in

The Wolves Ontario! Project Created
due to the dire situation facing wolves in Ontario, Canada.

and Woods of Minnesota
a collection of photos, books, videos and
stories about one of my favorite subjects: the wolves and woods of
northern Minnesota.