Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Can This Be True?

.. A note in the Jackson Hole News & Guide suggests that global warming will affect America's first National Park in devastating ways. The governmental response to this, and the population response, as well, will be something that our grandchildren will know by rote.
.. Then, again, it might not be such a bad thing; after all video games are impacting the parks almost as badly as 30' motor homes and non-English-speaking concessionaire employees. Statistical analysis suggests that per capita park attendance is down, and that interest in national parks is waning.
.. Even so, the parks will all burn down and make way for alpine meadows and steppes similar to those in central Asia. Global warming will contribute to more fires, larger fires, longer burning fires, and an increase in viewscapes from roads. This will allow the visitors that are left to see more of the park from their giant motor home and use their towed SUV less. Obviously a conservation trend in the making.
.. At least the elk and bison that are eating the park down to the dirt will have some more fodder. Then, the hunters who use Yellowstone as an incubator for semi-domesticated elk, and genetically selected docile bison will have easier targets.
.. Maybe the Yellowstone Park Foundation, ConnocoPhillips, and the NPS can step in and build a hermetically sealed dome to protect the park. Funding would be a snap. Maintainance would be the problem; what - with diminishing budgets and all.
.. The good news is that the international community still sees Yellowstone as a news worthy and valuable place.