Saturday, April 25, 2009

Foul Geysers


A World Perspective
.. Vol. 17, #1 of Yellowstone Science has been published to the web. It's lead article is about the geysers of Yellowstone in a global perspective. The title is "HUMAN IMPACTS ON GEYSER BASINS."
.. The history of impacts and degradation to the geysers and thermal features in Yellowstone is documented.
.. The most significant cause of destruction and degradation can be laid, (directly or indirectly,) at the feet of "TOURISM."
.. And, it continues today with roads, trails, boardwalks, and other elements of the built environment encroaching on thermal basins in the name of access.
.. From the earliest days to the present the perception has been that appreciation of the features is best done "up close and personal."
.. This attitude demands destruction and degradation for the perceived need for appreciation.
.. Geothermal exploitation is also considered as a threat to the thermal features of Yellowstone. Two areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park are mentioned, as is the monitoring of resources in the park.
.. Any persons with more than a passing interest in the history of thermal feature degradation in Yellowstone National Park should read this article.
--> PART ONE (PDF) [pages 1 - 18, includes geyser article]
--> PART TWO (PDF) [pages 19 - 37, includes other articles]