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.. The personal, professional, and family photography collections of Frank Jay Haynes are again seeing the light of day - electronically.
.. Frank J. Haynes was the official photographer of the Northern Pacific Railroad and Yellowstone National Park.
.. Many of photographs were received by Montana State University with the donation of the Haynes family papers by Isabel May (Nauerth) Haynes in 1977.
.. The collection includes more than 5000 photographs, collectively referred to as the Haynes Family Collections.
.. The photograph collection was divided between the University and the Montana Historical Society in 1978 with the MHS receiving the bulk of the negatives and other items.
.. The Montana State University Library has a PRO FLICKR ACCOUNT with four excerpted image collections currently posted. The recently posted Haynes collection has 60 photos in the photostream.
.. The FLICKR images appear to be free from copyright limitations, although not necessarily free from third party restrictions. These are down-loadable under a creative commons license in many sizes.
.. A complete catalog of the images in the collection, (most have been digitized,) is also available through the Montana State Library web site at: Haynes Family Photographs (Collection 1507). [Repository: Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections at Montana State University Libraries.]
.. This catalog indexes the collection of 19 boxes, including original metal boxes, and is categorized in substantially chronological order, with topical subdivisions.
.. For the Haynes Family scholar, the collection contains a wealth of information about family, friends, trips, interests, and activities.
.. For those interested in Yellowstone National Park, the collection is an invaluable record of architecture, environment, policy, presidential visitation, tourism, transportation, and just plain-ol'-nostalgia.
.. If you've got the time and a good Internet connection, the browse is well worth the effort. We thank the Montana State University Library for this effort. We also appreciate the concern of the Haynes Family in making the images available to the interested public.
.. Here's the catalog and links for the complete collection:


19 boxes
Series 1: Haynes Family, 1878-1965; Boxes 1-3, Box 4, files 1-14
Subseries 1: F. Jay Haynes Family, 1878-ca.1925
Subseries 2: Nauerth Family, 1885-1911
Subseries 3: Jack E. Haynes, 1885-1960
Subseries 4: Isabel M. Haynes, 1900-ca.1930
Subseries 5: Lida Haynes, 1932-1954
Subseries 6: Haynes Family, 1929-1961
Subseries 7: Haynes' Friends, ca.1920-ca.1965

Series 2: Yellowstone National Park, 1866-1963; Box 4, files 15-42, Boxes 5-6
Subseries 1: YNP Photographs, 1883-1963
Subseries 2: Greater Yellowstone Area and the "West", 1866-ca.1960
Subseries 3: Collection 1504 Separated Photographs, 1882-1963
Subseries 4: Unnamed Features in YNP, n.d.

Series 3: Oversized Photographs, 1884-1961; Box 7, Box 8, files 1-17
Subseries 1: Haynes Family and Friends, 1890-1961
Subseries 2: Other Topics, 1884-1961

Series 4: Pictorial Items, ca.1870-1920; Box 8, files 18-27, Box 9-13
Subseries 1: Detroit Photographic Company chromolithographs, ca.1870-ca.1910
Subseries 2: Prints, Haynes and others, 1870-1920
Subseries 3: Charles M. Russell reproductions, n.d.
Subseries 4: Haynes waterfall prints, hand-tinted, n.d.
Subseries 5: F. Jay Haynes Cabinet and Boudoir Photographs, ca.1883-

Series 5: Photograph Albums, 1890-1969; Box 14, 14A-18
Subseries 1: Disbound Albums, ca.1905-ca.1952
Subseries 2: Bound Albums, 1890-1969