Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Is Popular in Yellowstone

.. According to the National Park Service Public Use Statistic Office, December 2006 snowmobile visitors totaled 6,049 as compared to 5,507 in December 2005 for a 9.8 percent increase. In the same report snowcoach vistorship dropped from 4,266 in December 2005 to 4,106 in 2006 for a decrease of 3.8 percent.
.. SnoWest notes that: ". . . the major increase in snowmobile visitors was at the South Gate which had a 22.3 percent increase. The West Gate, which historically is the most active, had snowmobile vistorship increase of 7.8 percent in December."
.. For an excellent summary of the legal history of the winter use plan see the review in OMB WATCH. And for those with a bent for visual reporting FocusWest has an excellent copileation of T.V. spots from various perspectives.