Monday, August 07, 2006


Is This Is Part Of The NPS Mission?
Save $$$$ with Security guards!
If It's Green - Is It Right?

.. With all the flap about the "Plight Of The Parks," and the lack of funding, and the need for administrative adjustment; it's reassuring to know that concessionaires are still turning a healthy profit.
.. One of the most popular "attractions" in Yellowstone National Park is the Chuckwagon Cookout at Roosevelt.
.. This is the perfect thing to enhance your Yellowstone experience. Enjoy the wonders of nature, see the unique geology, count the thermal features, take pictures of Old Faithful, and go on an NPS sanctioned cookout. For an economical $51.00 you get to ride in a wagon, (or on a horse,) eat beans, listen to jokes and ride home with other folks as the beans do their work.
.. This attraction is advertised on the official Yellowstone Park Web Site so you are sure to "Not Miss It!" You can read a very glowing report of the "adventure" in the Salt Lake Tribune. Stay tuned for previews of coming attractions.

.. The National Park Service is now using "tasteful" advertising to show you the sponsorship of pages on the Web.
.. "Web Rangers," the official National Park Service children's page is brought to you by Best Buy. How sweet that a children's page gets this cute little advertisement.
.. In keeping with revenue generation and cost cutting there is certainly innovation in the air. Ranger Gord tells us of a scheme to save money by doing away with Rangers. The City of Ft. Lauderdale is considering replacing it's Rangers with Security Guards. This move is anticipated to double the force and reduce costs. This works fine in theme parks, malls, and movie theaters. It should do just as well in the National Parks; particularly Yellowstone National Theme Park.

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.. Considering that August 25th is the birthday of Allan Pinkerton, this might just be the time to institute a change from Rangers to Security Guards.
.. This would be in keeping with the attitude that if chuckwagons make money then so should Security Guards. This is just another way the NPS can interpret it's mission.
.. Of course, the first to go would be the geriatric fossils that staff the toll booths at the entrances. At least there would be animation in the seasonal "Flat-Hat." Maybe the Disney Corporation could handle this.

.. NewWest, a normally rational and insightful source of happenings in our neighborhood, brings us an article about Keeping Yellowstone From Being Loved To Death.
.. The extensive report details the many "GREEN" aspects of the National Park Service and it's capitalistic hand maiden XANTERRA. We are just a bit concerned that the whole premise of the article is that "No matter what you do in the parks - it's OK if it's green."
.. There seems to be a trend here.

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