Monday, July 31, 2006


Budget Shortfalls Reign
.. What will the National Park Service do in the face of a diminished money supply? The topic is not new. The question remains. How can the parks operate with a $800,000,000.00 shortfall?

<- Fran The Civilian

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.. With the resignation of Fran, and Dirk in place; what's the outlook? Sean Smith (who knows about these things,) has a note in The Oregonian and presents some of his thoughts.
.. The NPS has already sold advertising. They have already increased fees. They have cut staff. What's next?
.. The continued exclusivity policies of the National Park Service are, in part, responsible for the current budget crunch. By raising fees, encouraging guided tours, and cutting staff, the NPS is allowing only the wealthy to visit the parks.
.. The wealthy don't make good friends of the parks. They don't need services - they bring them with them. They don't need interpretation - they buy it. They don't blink at raised fees - it keeps the riff-raff out. They encourage buildings rather than services. Buildings are visable, can have a plaque on them and last for the donor's lifetime. Let the NPS maintain them.
.. The trend will continue, and commercialization will continue. Just how objective can guides and interpreters be when they are hired by concessionairs? There will be more. Just wait and see.