Friday, May 19, 2006


be well prepared with car games

-- Summer is off to a good start in Yellowstone National Park. The buffalo are ruling the roads along the Madison River and the Firehole River.
-- The construction at Old Faithful has reduced parking spaces, and the amount of debris from demolition is not very well confined or hidden.
-- The "old visitor center" is abandoned and awaiting demolition, leaving the area without the usual restroom facilities. The temporary visitor center is 'in place' - as it were - with folding chairs and a large screen TV. Plan to find a certain amount of chaos at Old Faithful if you visit this summer.
-- Those of you with a sense of history will be able to take some photographs of "historic" proportions since the National Park Service is notoriously bad at documentation. Save your pictures for the inevitable request for pictures that they will issue.

-- Be considerate in the buffalo jams. Don't stampede the big critters, drive through the herd with caution and do not stop unless absolutely necessary.
-- If the bison are moving in the same direction as you are - drive through them and then park. You will get better pictures. If the bison are coming toward you - pull over and park. You will get better pictures.
-- Be a bit sensible about where you park. The traffic laws in Yellowstone are not suspended just because you need a picture. You can be fined for blocking the road even if there is a herd of buffalo there too!