Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three Fires And Counting

.. Just a note to let you know how dry it is. Al Nash, Yellowstone National Park spokesperson, is quoted in the Billings Gazette as saying:

.."Just the fact that we could have a fire in April is unusual . . ."

.. "Back in 1988," he said, "fire managers didn't understand the park's fire regime as well."

.. "The conditions were more dramatic than anyone had faced, there was no current knowledge on the part of the people fighting the fire," he said. "And we were overconfident."

.. "Although rain has greened the hillsides of the Gallatin National Forest, it has done little to relieve the parched condition of large fuels. The concern now is that the tall grasses nourished by spring rains will dry out and cure into tinder for summer fires."

"That's the real nightmare scenario," Nash said.

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